Balance Obtained Sitting in a  Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Balance Obtained Sitting in a Beautiful Outdoor Setting

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Experience Balance in an Outdoor Setting


BALANCE can be obtained sitting in nature.  Life can feel chaotic when “hurry” is the mode of my day.  Contentment, reflection and contemplation can be felt in my garden.  When the concerns of the day weigh on me, this place provides an environment of healing. Among the flowers and waters there is harmony where the sounds of nature blend with the creatures and spirit is prominent.
My concerns of the day dissolve and I am totally surrounded with the reality of the present moment.  For now, that is all there is and my thoughts do not stray from what is going on in the ecology of my backyard sanctuary.
Peace and activity exists all around me.  The flowers project their energy to the environment and attract the bees who in turn adhere to their instinctual duties. The birds take baths in the water of the ponds and the butterflies add colorful movement.  A new bird sings from time to time.  My ear is attuned to the bird sounds in my garden so a new one immediately receives my attention.  I search for the source and then refer to my bird book as to the species.
I keep a diary of the dates each bird species returns in the spring.  They are so accurate that they arrive one day later in a leap year. Why do some species fail to return at all?  Perhaps they are tired of “my cooking.”
It is never ending movement and harmony which reflects life itself. Every piece of my garden is easily participating and offering its own gift to the whole.


Would you like to transform your backyard into one of beauty?
You too can relax in your own outdoor environment.  It can be created on any budget and any area, large or small.


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