How To Make a DIY Stone Patio for Under $100

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Learn How You Can Create a Stone Patio for Under $100


A Lovely DIY Stone Patio Can Be Yours


DIY Stone Patio Stones

DIY stone patio is encircled by a flag stone pathway creating an interesting contrast.  Sand poured between the stones prevents weeds and serves as a look of mortar.


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First of all, the ground must be leveled.
The red stones in this patio area were hand made using a form purchased from Home Depot. As soon I filled the form with cement, it was ready to be removed and placed for the next pour.

DIY Stone Patio Stones

A cement dye is added to the wet mortar to achieve the color. The stones were all completed for under $100 and only took an afternoon.





The pathway will be planted with moss and ground cover to visually tie the stones together. There are numerous choices at garden centers.  Knowing the amount of sun or shade that is required is necessary.  The choice of evergreen or perennial is an important consideration.
Stacked redwood garden boards provided a means of holding back the dirt of the small hill and served as a wall against which to put chairs.  This proved to be a more budget-friendly choice but bricks or wall stones would also have provided a beautiful garden wall.


DIY Stone Patio


The fence in the background hides the vegetable garden.  My DIY stone patio is now complete.  This area is now  a blank palette for planting flowers and shrubs.
Once completed, foliage and flowers planted and a temporary chair were added.  Now we have a completed picture of the project.  You can add chairs and a patio umbrella and your friends will be impressed with your creation.
I love to sit here, watch the pond with its fish and reptile inhabitants and listen to the calming sounds of the waterfall.
A friendly mud puppy has also moved into this garden ecology and a resident blue heron frequently hunts for his dinner in the pond.



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