First Pond and Waterfall

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Backyard Waterfall

First pond and waterfalI I ever built followed the passing of my Mother.   I worked through the grief by digging this pond by hand.  It was to begin the pursuit of my passion. . . building ponds and waterfalls and the surrounding landscape.  It is a never ending cycle of growth and change; both for my garden and for myself. Hopefully you gain some inspiration from my journey and want to share some of yours with me and others through this blog.


Pile of rocks becomes a waterfall 

After our log home was completed there remained a pile of boulders in the backyard. The deck surrounding the house now prevented large equipment in the back.  The solution to this dilemma was creating a waterfall. It was to begin an adventure of discovery, learning new skills and total joy.


Nature is my teacher and as I learn to work with her, I travel a pathway of discovery.  Even the sound of water teaches me that when I place rocks of different sizes in the stream, a unique sound is created. Just as every step I take and every word I speak creates a reality in my world, the blocks and obstacles in nature provide lessons.  Water will always find its way around an obstacle and a new sound emerges.


As I learn to go with the flow of spirit in my life, that natural stream moves me around my own self-created hurdles.  With success in moving around the obstacles of life, a new aspect of myself emerges as well.


Of course the water had to fall into a pond. Unfortunately I have no pictures of that process but the following are some photos of the end result. Each year new plants find their way around and in the pond which changes the appearance.  In that way it is a living, breathing miracle of nature. Over time, nature taught me the most harmonious foliage and flowers.  I make no claim to be an expert in horticulture so it has been a discovery in trial and error and listening to what nature was teaching me.



First Pond
First Pond



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