Garden Pathways Ideas and Construction

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Garden pathways have morphed many times throughout the transformations of my backyard hideaway.   One of the most enjoyable activities is creating pathways to wind through it.
Although the proper way to build a pathway would be to measure, outline, and plan the construction, I do none of these.  My entire garden has never been planned.  My method is to simply, FEEL my way through it.  I listen to the nature spirits with whom I work and follow the inner guidance to each step.
Once I decided on the start and finish place for the path, I began.



At my local home improvement store, I purchased a bulk bag of slate stones to build the first pathways. There are many material options, but this discovery was less than $100 and fit my current budget.



After placing them throughout the landscape, I planted Irish moss to tie the stones together. I purchased small plants at my local nursery and divided them into many small pieces.  The moss grows quickly and fills in the space between the stones.  This is a photo of my first pathway and what it looks like with no ground cover between the stones.


Garden Pathways

The cool moist moss is a pleasure to walk on with bare feet.  It is a grounding exercise connecting me to Mother earth.  Being evergreen the moss requires little more maintenance than uncovering the stones in the spring after a vigorous winter growth.  As you can see, the moss nearly covers all the stones after a winters growth.  It can be easily cut off, separated and planted elsewhere or shared with friends.
The moss has tiny white blossoms once a year and adds to the attractiveness of the pathway.


Irish Moss



The trimming of the moss provides starts elsewhere in the garden and to share with friends.

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  1. Susan Kingsbury
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    I love your website, Judy. Your gardens are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your ideas too.

    • pondsa5_wp
      | Reply

      Thank you. Your comment is much appreciated.

  2. Marlis
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    Did you put any gravel and/or sand under the pieces of slate?

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