Tropical Paradise For Your Pacific NW Backyard – Here’s How

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Tropical Paradise


Tropical Paradise For Pacific NW Gardens


Tropical paradise for VACATION TIME, of course.  Bring it to your own backyard and enjoy it every summer.
The Pacific northwest, United States, does not support growing orchids or bougainvillea.  However, many plants and trees, such as the ones pictured below, resemble the foliage requiring warmer temperatures.  They are incorporated to mimic that luscious tropical feeling.


Bananas don’t grow sideways on trees, however, in this case the photo served as an intent for humor.



Musa Basjoo Banana

Banana 2


One species of banana plants that survives to -10 degrees and suitable for my area particularly, the Musa Basjoo Banana. They can be purchased in all sizes and grow quickly.  They also multiply and can be divided or allowed to grow into a banana forest.
Sitting under these trees feels much like relaxing in a gorgeous tropical setting.


Adding a tiki statue can add to the sensation.



Here a palm serves as a backdrop to the entrance sign to my garden.


This tender species of palm and has to winter over in my greenhouse, but adds to the feeling of the tropics.


There are also varieties of palms that flourish in the northwest.  A very hearty variety, The Chinese Windmill Palm, survives evergreen year round in my garden.


Together with Helleboros, they form an attractive combination at the base of the banana trees.


In the fall the leaves from my numerous maple trees serve as mulch and winter protection around all the tender plants.




Elephant Ear
Elephant Ears come in all sizes and a variety of colors.  Some develop leaves as much as 5 feet long.  They are a bulb and in my area can be left in the ground in the winter and grow larger each following year.







Canna Liily

Canna Lily

Calla Lily
Canna Lilies contribute a very tropical look to the garden.  They come in a variety of colors and multiply.
Colder climates require they need to be dug up from the ground and stored in the greenhouse for the winter.  Each bulb produces from 2 to 8 babies each year so more than pay for themselves over and over.













HostasHostas are available in a multitude of colors of both blossom and leaf.  They present a very tropical element to the garden and are beautiful surrounding a pond or body of water.


Even day lilies have leaves and blooms that blend beautifully and offer that tropical feel of the garden.

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