Who I AM  Ponds and Petals

 Judy Goring

My serious gardening began when we finished building our log home in zone 7 of the beautiful northwest.  We moved in December of 1998.

The large pile of boulders that were left in the back became inaccessible due to a wrap-around deck so I chose to build a waterfall over them.  My mother passed away that year and I became obsessed with hand-digging a pond as a way of working through the grief; thus a passion was ignited.  I carved a gorgeous sanctuary out of 8 acres of treed hilly land.

Out of building one pond after another a business was born as I began building them for others.  My passion grew to include beautifying the area with patios, pathways, plants and structures.

My garden is a living breathing expression of the passion I have for working with the plants, the water and the soil or simply as a place for contemplation, relaxation and appreciation and gratitude for the phenomena of nature herself.  My happiest moments are working in my garden and being with the natural surroundings.  I find the environment healing and educational.  Everything about my garden teaches me more about life, spirit and myself.

More than anything else, a garden is a portal,

a passage into another world, one of your own

thoughts and your own making; it is whatever you

want it to be and you are what you want to be.

William Longgood